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Publishing a book? Want to start a buzz about it? Branding Authors is the one-stop-shop for authors, and the bookish side of Yoolia Design - a Chicago-based Design studio. I create engaging marketing campaigns for authors, branding their voice to build a loyal readership and an online following.


Authors have limitless possibilities to engage with their readers in these days of self-publishing, blog platforms, and social media.

While this opens the door to wonderful opportunities, it can be pretty challenging to figure out the right marketing strategy for your book – especially while you’re still writing it!

Don’t let that discourage you. I’m here to help you map out your advertising strategy and get your campaign started months before the publication of your book, customized to your unique background, story and audience. You will have readers anxiously awaiting the release date.

Good, consistent branding delivers a solid foundation for distinguishing your book in the vast and very competitive marketplace. It helps your readers recognize and remember your book and YOU.

While we may not always be able to work on your cover together (unless your publisher allows it), I can create an online presence for you (website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter page, Goodreads page, etc.), as well as any printed materials you may need (e.g. book store posters, business cards).

This collaboration can be as hands-off for you as you feel comfortable. You can trust that I will take care of the branding while you can focus on getting your book finished.

I will gather a loyal readership by branding YOU! (Don’t worry, it’s painless… no hot iron involved.)


Ready to get your own book campaign started? Need a nice book cover or a fun book trailer? Contact me today!

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My services include (but are not limited to) the following:


The Branding Authors portfolio is getting a makeover. In the meantime, check out the full Yoolia Design Portfolio (including work I've done for publishers and authors both in the US and abroad).